Other Writings

I write a lot of stuff elsewhere too. Here's that:

Journalistic stuff:

Orwell on Canada’s moment in the global spotlight (The Globe and Mail)

No End of Men (Washington Examiner)

Why Ancient Israel Was Not a Modern Nation (Wisdom of Crowds)

A Representative Problem (The American Conservative)

Human Resources (The New Atlantis)

Against the Hysterical Consensus (The Critic)

Conserving What, Exactly? (City Journal)

Bob Dylan's latest trick (Washington Examiner)

Stop Talking About American 'Fascism' (UnHerd)

Bromides of the Expert Class (The Critic)

The Supergenius at the End of the World (The New Atlantis)

Take Realist Arguments Over Russia in Good Faith (Foreign Policy)

Machiavelli’s Lessons for America’s Jan. 6th Tumult (Foreign Policy)

Why America Needs De Gaulle (Law & Liberty)

Threat Inflation Comes Home (Arc Digital)

Convicting Trump, But Not Punishing His Supporters is Key to Restoring Democracy w/Daniel Schillinger (Washington Post)

The Clash with China is Coming (The Bulwark)

Three Colors and the Fracturing of Europe (The American Interest)

Liberalism Needs the Nation (Law & Liberty)

Hearing Aids are Going Digital as the World Returns to Analog (Slate)

Who are The People? (The American Interest)

Review of Fukuyama's Political Order and Political Decay (Wall Street Journal)

Academic stuff:

What Teaching Was Thucydides Trying to Convey (Baku Dialogues)

Populism and Democratic Conflict: An Aristotelian View (The Review of Politics)

Review of Gabriele Pedullà's Machiavelli in Tumult (The Review of Politics)

With Steel or Poison: Machiavelli on Conspiracy w/Daniel Schillinger (Interpretation)

Drawing Out the Leviathan: Kenneth Waltz, Hobbes, and the Neorealist Theory of the State (International Studies Review)

Nietzsche on Thucydidean Realism (The Review of Politics)